The project will identify specific needs of adult education staff and learners, develop, test, implement and disseminate new curricula and teaching methods for use in adult education, including development of trainings and materials to be used by teachers. The results of the project will be disseminated through conferences, press releases, newsletters, websites and other communication channels that will allow us to reach the widest possible audience. In order to sustain the outcomes of the project Grundtvig in-service seminars will be offered. Also conferences on national level will be carried out.

The project comprises of 10 work packages (WP) and every work package includes several tasks.

  1. Project Management. This WP will ensure successful completion of all tasks, given the agreed resources and timeframe and also effective communication with the contracting European body and all Partners involved.
  2. Needs Analysis. This WP will examine: 1. level of awareness regarding coaching and basic coaching skills in adult education professionals on national and European level 2. Define key needs related to developing new skills in the professionals 3. Define key needs of adult learners regarding the support they expect from education
  3. Best Practices in Coaching. This WP will involve coaching professionals from 6 countries in debate and identify the most effective practices in coaching.
  4. Adaptation of Coaching Tools to Adult Education. This WP will examine and identify the most effective, relevant and appropriate way of applying coaching skills in the context of adult learning.
  5. Coaching skills for adult education professionals. This WP aims at creating high quality seminars for adult education staff. Conclusions from WP 2, 3, 4 will be the foundation for design of the seminars.
  6. Pilot implementation. This WP will focus on conducting pilot courses (designed in WP 5) for adult education staff in home organizations of all partners. Also evaluation of the pilot courses and design of final in service seminars for educators will be part of this WP.
  7. Training aids. This WP will create the training aids: a guidebook for adult education professionals, leaflets, virtual learning environment including platform for exchange of experiences for professionals, coaching cards etc.
  8. Quality assurance and evaluation. This WP will ensure high quality of all actions undertaken. It will deal with quality plan, evaluation of tools, methodology, products, results etc.
  9. Dissemination. This WP will draw from all the work packages and will manage communication with EU bodies and adult education institutions that can benefit from the project. Dissemination will be an ongoing process throughout the whole project in terms of bringing feedback as well as disseminating the results.
  10. Exploitation. This WP will ensure sustainability of the project beyond its life through effective exploitation of results in all countries involved and, most importantly, on European level. Policy makers will be involved in order to ensure best impact.